Friday, January 21, 2011

What kind of rental generators are available?

Rental generators come in many different types and are chosen based on power, location, time frame, and cost factors. To determine what kind of rental generator you need, you first need to know what you want from it. Uses of rental generators can include emergency power, special events such as parties or events that use tents, camping, outdoor entertainment like concerts, and construction sites.

To rent a generator, you'll have to determine what your power needs are by adding up all of the power run appliances and tools that you will want to run. This number is the concurrent running at the same time amount for all of them added up. This is measured in watts (amps*volts). Most home appliances and power tools are 120 volts, larger ones like stoves are 240v.

There is also something called surge wattage to take into consideration. This is extra wattage that happens at start up for the item and is made up of your items with larger power needs like air conditioners for instance. If in doubt on your power needs, request a quote from your rental generator provider and they will be able to suggest the power you will need.

Next, select the type of fuel you will be running in the generator. Most are available for gas or diesel although some standby ones run on propane and natural gas. The gas powered ones tend to be smaller and diesel larger.

 Arrange for transport to your location. Portable rental generators are the easiest to move, although still heavy and need a couple of people to lift them into a car for instance. Towable and trailer mounted are also available to rent.